Monday, June 27, 2011

Bryan Borland of Sibling Rivalry Press Delivers Keynote Address

Catch Bryan's keynote address where he reads his "Flawed Families in Biblical Times", he also discusses his connection with Ganymede Press, starting Sibling Rivalry Press and discusses LGBT Publishing.

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Perry Brass said...

This was really a wonderful speech, especially the last part of it when Bryan spoke about being grateful for what he is doing—I think that is at the heart of our life as writers, publishers, and even as readers of our own work, the connections of this remarkable community. I loved his ending poem when he spoke about seeing his 16-year-old self, the self that he tried to banish because it realized he was gay and attracted to other boys, the self-punishments he endured, and giving that self nourishment. This is marvelous, Bryan. I'm glad to know you and be a part of your work, too. Perry Brass