Monday, August 9, 2010

AQLF Eddie's Attic Benefit: Artist Spotlight: Lucas Miré

Lucas Mire to feature music from his upcoming album at AQLF Eddie's Attic benefit.

In a recent interview with Atlanta INtown magazine Lucas Mire was asked about his newest project.

"My main goal with the new record was to have it sound a lot more like my live shows than my first album. I wanted it to be truer to who I am as a live artist. It has a kind of alt-country sound: There’s lots of acoustic guitar, pedal steel, piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond organ. I’d work at my full-time career job until 1 p.m., then head to the studio for 8 hours of work there. Clay pushed me to trust the music I’d written and to be okay with how I’d performed it that day. Most of the songs on Never Regret the Nights are about a relationship I was in a couple of years ago, but the last song “Happy,” is one of the first I’d ever written. The songwriting here is consciously more simple and direct than on my first record."

Lucas was kind enough to share a sample of this new work:

Check out samples of Lucas Mire's work from his previous three albums at his website here.

Order your tickets for the Eddie's Attic AQLF Benefit before they're all gone on the Eddie's website here.

For more information about the rest of this exciting lineup check out the full lineup here.

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