Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eddie's Attic AQLF Benefit: Comedy Spotlight

They're Just Funny That Way

Only a couple of days left until the August 12th AQLF Eddie's Attic Benefit. We're lucky enough to have a great line up of local comedy talent for the show. In addition to the fine music acts we have a generous helping of GLBT acts to tickle your queer funny bone.

Alyssa Barnett-Schott

For over fifteen years, Alyssa Barnett-Schott has been spreading laughter with her own style of short, fat, jewish, dyke comedy. Originally from New Jersey, she has performed all over the southeast including Atlanta and Charlotte pride festivals. Alyssa lives in Pine Lake, GA with her partner Barbara and their 3 year old daughter Ellery.

Mindy Dawn Friedman

Mindy is a comedian who has survived both the mullet and bolo-sporting eras of women in comedy. She mixes acerbic witticisms with an ounce of truth and a healthy suspension of disbelief to serve up a satisfying comedic meal. Though, not unlike Chinese food, her comedy leaves you hungering for more an hour later. Mindy Dawn has performed with comedians including Sabrina Matthews, Ellen DeGeneres, Ray Romano, Paula Poundstone, and Elvira Kurt. Embracing the stereotype, she lives in Decatur with her wife, Megan. Their pet dog is forthcoming.

Vivian Alford

Vivian is a mild mannered librarian by day and a killer stand up comedian by night. She's performed at the Punchline, Funny Farm, Relapse Theatre and even in Alabama. She's a small town girl with a big outlook on life.

Sanders Hulsey

Sanders has performed at countless events at “The Gay AA” including producing Burst Into Merriment Comedy Night/Auction I and II in which he performed as well. He has performed at such Atlanta clubs as The Red Chair (no he is NOT the reason they closed down), Actor’s Express, Kavarna and Eddie’s Attic. He has been a featured comic at Eddie’s Attic for the 2009 and 2010 Gay Pride Comedy Shows. Most recently he co-produced a monthly comedy show at Kavarna in Oakhurst Village.

Tickets available online at Eddie's Attic Website here, buy early guarantee a seat. Group tables also available, so make it a night out with your friends. Tickets will also be available at the door.
For more information on the full line up, times, directions, etc. check our earlier post here.

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